Tarik Jeans is a Malaysian denim brand that celebrates the rich cultural diversity we have here in the country. We are a brand with a philosophy to hopefully groom the youths today for a better tomorrow. The brand is constantly looking out for talented local designers, artist and musicians to collaborate with. We hope to share the amazing work of these local talents through fashion for every Malaysian to embrace.

Moreover, denims has always been the face of freedom. In my opinion, we at Tarik are well aligned with that. This denim is made to be worn by everyone regardless of race, creed, politicalaffiliation, sexual proclivity, music preference, and anything else designed to divide us. More than just a denim label, Tarik is an advocate of Malaysian pop culture and art. We are the vanguard of the progressive youth.

Tarik Jeans isn’t just any denim label, here fashion is imbued with philosophy to connect with the youth. Aiming to be as much of a movement as it is a brand, Tarik Jeans is a means of expression by way of fashion for forward-thinking and creatively-inclined youths to embrace cultural diversity without feeling contrived.

Far from being an extension of a certain nationwide campaign, this brand is here to remind the younger generation of how united we were even before the propagandizing began. So forget the politics and screw political correctness, give the establishment your middle-finger by putting on Tarik Jeans.