Nusa Bencana

We are excited to announce our second year of participating in KL Fashion Week. This year, our collection is inspired by an ancient geographical entity called Suvarṇabhūmi, which means “Land of Gold” in Sanskrit. In old Malay text, it is referred to as “Nusa (land) Kencana (gold)”. Nusa Bencana, is a word-play on an imaginary state alienated by the government, populated by rogues, outcasts, immigrants, refugees and those deemed to be estranged from the norm. The dragon has been chosen to represent Nusa Bencana. Referred to as Nāga in Sanskrit, the word also mean “deity”. Retaining its rock-n-roll spirit, this collection stayed true to the aesthetics of Tarik Jeans’ debut collection last year. A contributing factor is the brand’s close relationship with the country’s music fraternity and its penchant to dress rock stars and activists. Just like rock-n-roll, Nusa Bencana is a flip of the coin. It is not a trend, but a lifestyle and a-state-of-mind. It is a disposition that people, no matter how different they are, are still part of the human race. Catch us at KLFW2017! 19 Ogos 2017 pada 7 Purnama.