New Premium Skinny Din

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  • Material: 13.5 oz sanforized denim milled in Indonesia (Non-Selvedge)
  • Colour: Indigo (Nila)
  • Cut: Skinny Fit
  • Single needle stitching
  • Chain-stitched hemming
  • NEW Cow Hide Tapir leather patch with belt-loop insert
  • Signature red arcuate with woven label
  • Care Washing Date Label printed inside pocket bags
  • Shell-stitched zipper for added comfort
  • Selvage accented inseam

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The updated Premium Skinny Din still takes cues from Tarik’s signature skinny fit cut, but with many new cool additions and a much softer material. Made for those who like to stand out in awesome jeans!

Try them on today for yourself at your closest Tarik Jeans retailer!


Indigo and denim in general will fade and colour WILL run due to the nature of the fabric. Tarik Jeans recommends not washing your jeans for as long as possible for the best fades and colour contrasts.

Care Instructions:

Upon first wash, turn your jeans inside-out and ONLY hand wash.

Dip into WARM WATER and soak for 15-30 minutes.

DO NOT squeeze dry.

HANG your jeans out to dry to maintain the shape.



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