About us

Tarik Jeans (Tarik) is a homegrown streetwear premium denim brand that embraces the Malaysian and Nusantara identity of diversity.

Founded in Penang, Malaysia in 2010, Tarik is regarded as a pioneer and immediately received a lot of attention. This mainly came from the cultivated Malaysian youth, especially those in tune with street fashion and an interest in denim.

The brand was inspired by Afiq Iskandar, who is also a member of the rock band, Oh Chentaku (OCK). His passion for music and Malaysian culture laid the foundations for

Tarik’s success is largely attributed to the quality of its products. The label prides itself in being not just any denim label. Here, fashion and lifestyle are imbued with deep philosophy to connect with denim lovers of all ages and background.

The brand still carefully select each material and works very closely with its production facility in Bandung and Kuala Lumpur to ensure the quality; and that all specifications are met.

Today, the range of Tarik’s products has expanded beyond jeans and T-shirts to shirt, jackets, caps and other unique novelty items.

Another contributing factor is the brand’s close relationship with the country’s music and activism fraternity.

With Tarik, denim enthusiast in Malaysia have an option to mix their modern personality while maintaining their heritage and culture.


The word ‘Tarik’ is something all Malaysians understand, and it’s created along the lines of our philosophy. Locals of all ages are familiar with the nation’s favourite pastime of going to a ‘mamak’ stall and ordering a ‘Teh Tarik’. Tarik’s main mascot of a man cooling the tea with the distinctive ‘tarik’ action resonates very well to our target audience.

Previously, the only selling point that local brands had was the fact that they were local and nothing beyond that. Most local streetwear brands did not pay attention to the quality, choice of material and the emotional pull of their brand. Tarik saw an opportunity to fill that gap. A brand which could give quality and progressive designs while staying true to the local culture. It is patriotism at its best.