Anak Liar Monsoon 2016


Anak Liar  by Jiman Casablancas


The ‘Anak Liar’ or ‘Wild Child’ collection is an homage to the Malaysian ‘rock kapak’ era when ‘hair bands’ ruled the charts and the country’s airwaves. Led by the legendary Search, Wings and Lefthanded (who were all founded in the enigmatic zeitgeist of the 80s), came bands like XPDC, Olan, Rusty Blade, Bloodshed, Iklim, Handy Black and many more. The word ‘kapak’ or the medieval ‘axe’ here could possibly be attributed to the Malay proverb ‘Ambil kapak belahlah dada’ which means, ‘if you want to know what’s in my heart, take an axe and cut it into two’ – referring to its mostly melancholy lyrics or in Malay slang ‘tangkap jiwang’ (also ‘tangkap leleh’).

‘Rock kapak’ came with an unmistakable image and style. Grotesque to some, one must admit that the impact it created serves to further pique the curiousity it arouses. The jeans are tighter, the hair was bigger teased to voluminous height, accessories are piled up, and for the more daring, a subtle touch of make-up. It was a period of fashion maximalism and true allegiance to PVCs, leather, animal prints, lace and band/tour T-shirts – customised to reach a certain ‘Wa Caya Sama Lu’ fit. Skinny jeans became a vital part of everyday dressing even before the term was even coined.

The collection will be available soon at Kronoz Denims (Fahrenheit), LOKA Asia (Nu Sentral) and Showroom Skate (behind Berjaya Times Square).