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Spreading The Right Message

TARIK JEANS RELEASES COLLECTION OF PSA POSTERS FOR THE USE OF MALAYSIANS TO SPREAD THE RIGHT MESSAGE DURING MOVEMENT CONTROL ORDER (MCO) MALAYSIA Tarik Jeans has collaborated with a graphic designer, Cultkids, to produce a collection of Public Service Announcement posters to educate and deliver friendly messages to Malaysians on the right things to do […]

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Tarik Jeans showcased its Resort 2019 – Monsoon collection at Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2018 in Pavilion Centre Court, KL. In true Tarik Jeans’ fashion, the 32 looks range was a display of rock and roll style machismo inspired by resort-wear.

Ensembles trickled down the runway in an explosion of denim with expressive layering techniques and eccentric accessory applications thrown in for good measure. On the menswear side of things, classic cut, bootcut and skinny jeans were paired up with pastel coloured T-shirts and other tops bearing the logo of the collection in different variations and their signature leather and denim outer wear.

This collection also witnessed the introduction of Ayu by Tarik Jeans – the brand’s womenswear line. The 10 looks dedicated to the ladies saw the models paraded around in unstructured dress silhouettes, both short and elongated outerwear and of course, denim pants that would complement the female curves. Read more


Kuala Lumpur, 5th May, 2018 – The nation is days away from its 14th General Election and Tarik Jeans, known for their penchant to stir things up has decided to organise a rock show to launch their rudimentary sub-brand called Celaka Tees. Held at InTun Nation TTDI, Malam Celaka, is the first instalment of a […]

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Little Dog In Malaya

In Chinese astrology, 2018 is an Earth Dog Year. The dog occupies the eleventh position in the zodiac cycle, after the Rooster and before the pig. Tarik Jeans, Malaysia’s favourite indie denim brand has released its limited edition Year of the Dog T-shirts for CNY 2018, named ANJING (DOG), MATRIX LOGO TEE and MAMAK SALMON, […]

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Marijoinlah’s Streetwear and Fashion Picks of 2017

    We ranked number 1 at Marijoinlah Yo!. Check it out! https://www.marijoinlah.com/blogs/news/marijoinlahs-streetwear-and-fashion-picks-of-2017

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Tarik’s Grand Theft Auto Mod

This is a dual pack for Franklin’s t-shirt and cap. A reminder, replacing two textures at the same time can cause random crash. So, I advise you to install one texture, either t-shirt or cap. For T-Shirt: Installation: 1. Open OpenIV 2. Go to GTAV/x64v.rpf/models/cdimages/streamedpeds_players.rpf/player_one/ 3. Back up all files you will be replacing 4. […]

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Nusa Bencana Monsoon 2017

Koleksi ini diilhamkan oleh toponim purba yang dipanggil Suvarṇabhūmi, yang bermaksud “Tanah Emas” dalam Sanskrit. Dalam teks Melayu lama, ia disebut sebagai “Nusa (tanah) Kencana (emas)”. Nusa Kencana biasanya dianggap merujuk kepada Semenanjung Asia Tenggara, termasuk Burma dan Semenanjung Tanah Melayu. Terdapat juga istilah lain yang merujuk kepada tanah emas; Suvarnadvipa (Semenanjung Emas), yang mungkin […]

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Anak Liar Monsoon 2016

  Anak Liar  by Jiman Casablancas  MONSOON 2016 The ‘Anak Liar’ or ‘Wild Child’ collection is an homage to the Malaysian ‘rock kapak’ era when ‘hair bands’ ruled the charts and the country’s airwaves. Led by the legendary Search, Wings and Lefthanded (who were all founded in the enigmatic zeitgeist of the 80s), came bands […]

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