Kuala Lumpur, 5th May, 2018 – The nation is days away from its 14th General Election and Tarik Jeans, known for their penchant to stir things up has decided to organise a rock show to launch their rudimentary sub-brand called Celaka Tees.

Held at InTun Nation TTDI, Malam Celaka, is the first instalment of a series of planned events that will be focusing solely on great local music and fashion – all done in the familiar Tarik way. In its first outing, the boys at Tarik has enlisted three acts, namely Berdosa (stoner/sludge/doom), Glass (experimental/post-rock) and Balan Kashmir  – a well-known rap and hip hop artist. Notorious for their mind-blowing repertoires and stage antics, Malam Celaka proves to be more than just an eargasmic experience but an assault on our visual senses. This event also marks a friendly collaboration with Tarik’s friends at Saint Barkley, Marijoinlah, Kronoz Denim, Tiga Supply and The Gasket Alley.

‘Celaka’ is an old skool cursing slang word usually associated with negative connotations to express frustration as well as describing a wicked act [Similar to the expression ‘Damn it!’ in the English language]. However, the creators at Tarik Jeans believe that it no longer brings an awful tone in our society as it is just a mere expression that sits on the edge of our tongues. It all depends on the usage, and it can bring a positive zest with a brush of a rebellious tone.

As a sub-brand to Tarik Jeans, Celaka Tees is meant to be a separate entity – free to do its own thing as it carries its own unique direction in terms of vibe and style. The sub-brand focuses on bringing self-expression onto another level with its upfront graphic tees that pokes fun at popular culture. Each item is appropriately priced at RM69.

Tarik Jeans Introduces A New Subbrand Called Celaka Tees


Celaka Tees By Tarik Jeans Launched At Malam Celaka

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