The Tapir Conservation Efforts Continue With

Modern Nostalgia Part 2

Volkswagen Malaysia and Tarik Jeans launched the second instalment of its exclusively-designed capsule collection “Modern Nostalgia pt.2”, a premium range that draws its inspiration from the raw, rugged and hands-on car workshop life.

This limited-run capsule collection, “Modern Nostalgia pt.2” captures key elements from both brands, where racing and iconic Volkswagen models are stitched together with snapshots of vintage Malaysiana design elements, sticking to our roots here at Tarik. The new designs shift gears up and capture Volkswagen racing heritage and spirit whilst incorporating performance-themed colours that motorheads and car enthusiasts will approve.

A total of 50 percent of all proceeds generated from the sales of this campaign will be donated to the Kenaboi Forest Reserve in Negeri Sembilan on World Tapir Day on 27th April 2021.

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Tarik Jeans & Volkswagen Malaysia - Modern Nostalgia Part 2